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5 Effective Business Practices to Strengthen your Association

Posted by Katya Ells on Feb 14, 2017 8:05:00 AM

Each year a list of employers are released, communicating the top places to work in Canada or the top companies to work for in the United States. These companies have more in common than being on that list, they share an assortment of business practices helping them generate their ranking. Everywhere companies are instilling practices to make them more appealing and increase their employee retention rate. Much like the goals of different companies, associations share these interests and needs of developing a healthy renewal rate, and a strong member, ‘employee’ or ‘customer’ base. 

So what are these effective business practices that associations today should be adopting?

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5 Email Subject lines that will keep Members Clicking

Posted by Katya Ells on Feb 7, 2017 8:04:00 AM

205 billion emails are sent per day[i]You probably witness this yourself, every time you hit refresh more emails flutter in, each with a unique line representing what you may find inside and sometimes even determining if you’ll take the time to open it . Have you thought how your subject line compares to the other hundreds in your member's inbox? Here are 5  email subject lines that are sure to capture your members attention!

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Focusing on the Wrong Generation for your Association's growth? 

Posted by Katya Ells on Jan 31, 2017 8:03:00 AM

 Millennials- are they ready?

Associations and organization's are terrified that their actions won’t appeal to millennials- and still today they are focusing on the baby boomers, but who are we missing?

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3 Steps to take before researching a Membership Management Software

Posted by Christine Bundy on Jan 24, 2017 8:06:00 AM

Consistently there are many “Judy’s” in the association world. “Judy’s” are administrators, and are typically selected to find a membership management software for their organization.  When beginning their search, they are often at a loss as to what information is needed during this exploration processes.  Having the right information in the beginning will aid you in finding the right software.

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How to Improve your Organizations Website

Posted by Katya Ells on Jan 17, 2017 8:01:00 AM

An Association Management Platform can Help

Judy has been tasked to grow her association’s memberships, she looks internally to find weaknesses that could potentially be holding back prospective members. The first factor considered was the associations website.
A website is a tool specifically to engage visitors. Having a professionally designed website will create a stronger sense of value, trust and realism that welcomes possible members. Your website is one of the first impressions an outsider will have on your association or organization, make it a good one!

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How to Grow your Memberships Online

Posted by Katya Ells on Jan 10, 2017 8:04:00 AM

Now that Judy's member management software is implemented, managing her 1000 members has been a breeze. Being in control of association management, Judy determined it was time for the association to grow it memberships! Judy developed a plan to increase memberships using these 5 simple steps purely through online resources!

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The 5 Roles of an Administrator- Narrowed down to One!

Posted by Michael Foley on Jan 3, 2017 8:05:00 AM

As an administrator of a professional association with 1000 members, Judy’s arms are moving in every direction. Judy has a title of 'administrator' but realistically there are 5 different roles tied to her position. Judy needs to migrate from using several different softwares and spreadsheets for her multiple roles to an all-on-one software to work more efficiently, effectively and best of all easily!  

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3 Tips to Revive your Renewal Process

Posted by Michael Foley on Dec 27, 2016 8:13:00 AM

Judy has concluded that for the holidays she wants to relax. Being an administrators of an association with 1000 members, relaxing isn’t always feasible. With a plethora of daily tasks and renewal season insight- the holidays hardly seem like holidays.

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4 Steps to Achieving New Year Resolutions

Posted by Michael Foley on Dec 20, 2016 8:01:00 AM

How is 2017 going to be the ultimate year?  There is always great hype built up around the new year: new opportunities-new chances - which equals new goals. In reality, sadly “only 8% of people that create New Year Resolutions follow through” (Static Brain, 2016 Study reflecting /University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology).

Judy is the administrator of a professional association with 1000 members. She developed a guideline with 4 steps that would increase her chances of  following through on her associations New Year Resolutions.


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How to Engage Members this Holiday Season

Posted by Michael Foley on Dec 13, 2016 8:03:00 AM


Tis’ the season to come together- however; Judy’s members seem astray. She understands that the holidays can be overwhelming, both stressful and joyful, but wants her members to stay involved this season. Renewal dates are approaching quickly, Judy wants to ensure her members are happy with being a part of her association.

Judy discovered three simple ways to keep the association on her member’s radar. Using an all-in-one membership management software Judy easily generated engagement and spread holiday cheer!

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